The Problem

Estate Planning, much like other areas of the legal profession, can be horribly inefficient.

This causes consumers to either overpay for a suitable plan, or to find an inexpensive plan that doesn’t work when it counts because the fee was only enough to cover a basic document.

The Solution

We have identified the areas of the estate planning process where an attorney’s input and advice is needed. For everything else, we provide you with the education and resources to do it yourself.

That way, you only pay us for the part of our time and input that you actually need, and the savings are passed on to you.

Our Approach

We provide truly custom-tailored estate plans to every client. We take the time to get to know your family and your goals.

We deliver your initial document drafts within 3 days of obtaining the information we need. We empower you with the instruction you need to make your plan become and remain effective.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Phone Consultation – We provide a 1-hour complimentary phone session with a Utah estate planing attorney. During that conversation, you will talk about your family, your goals, your assets, and learn about how Utah’s estate planning laws affect what is important to you. We will then discuss the pros and cons of different estate plans and let you decide what is best in your situation. ​​You can schedule this appointment online here.

Choose Your Plan & Send Us Information – Once you choose your plan, we will send you: 1) an engagement letter detailing the services we plan to provide; 2) a list of basic information we need to draft your estate planning documents; and 3) payment instructions. As soon as you return everything to us by mail or email, we are ready to draft your estate planning documents.

We Draft Your Estate Plan – During your initial interview, we are able to ascertain your estate planning needs. We supplement this information with your contact information and any other follow-up we need to provide you with a truly tailored estate plan that meets your present needs as well as future needs. As a starting point, we enter your basic information into our drafting software. Most estate planning firms use software, but ours specially-caters to the estate planning needs of middle class families. Once we have the basic plan in place, we review the plan line-by-line to review and customize the plan to your goals and needs. Finally, within 3 business days of receiving all your information, we send you the drafts of your estate plan.

Review Your Estate Plan – When you receive your estate planning documents, please check for any misspellings of names, errors, or provisions that contradict your goals. We are happy to answer any questions and to revise the plan twice if need be. However, these drafts are the final drafts for most clients.

Sign Your Estate Plan and Send Us a Copy – Along with your documents, you will receive detailed written instructions on how to sign your documents, as well as a link to a video tutorial. Follow all of the signing best practices and feel free to send us a digital or hard copy to make sure all the signatures are in the right place.

Make Your Estate Plan Effective – Many living trust plans still end up in probate court because assets were not properly transferred to the Trust. We find that unacceptable, which is why we provide you with detailed written and video instructions on how to re-title assets and make sure your plan is effective. We also provide you with 2 phone reminders and 4 email reminders within 12 months of the signing of your plan. If you participate in this transfer process, you are more aware of how your Trust works and are therefore more likely to keep your plan up-to-date in the future due to changes in your assets.

Ask Questions – You can always feel free to call us and ask us a quick question if something in your life has changed and you are worried that your estate plan may no longer be effective. This is one of the reasons we keep posting blog and video education content. Feel free to subscribe to these accounts to keep apprised of updates that may affect your plan.